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Classes at the TeaRoom:
21 Howard Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10013
At The Tea Gallery, we love to share what we've learned about Chinese tea and culture. Educating others is a passion shared by everyone in our tearoom and we're working with The Mandarin's Tearoom to develop classes in the art of tea appreciation. Visit this page often to see new classes and workshop schedules. If you are interested in taking a course or would like more information. please contact us at 917-274-7268 or send an email to

Basics of Brewing Classes:
4 sessions/ 1 hour per session
This beginner's course introduces students to the gaiwan and teapot. Students will learn the proper and safe way to handle both brewing vessels and familiarize themselves with the various tea implements that are used throughout a tea session. The traditional methods for measuring appropriate water temperatures for different teas will taught.
Students will also learn proper tea table etiquette for both host and guest.
$180.00 - course materials will be provided by the tearoom

ChiuJao GongFu Cha Classes:
Michael Wong instructs students in this traditional Chinese tea ritual with it's complex preparation and unique sequence of steps. ChiuJao or ChaoZhou (mandarin) is a city in the GaungDong province of China and the birthplace of the original gongfu style of tea drinking. Modern gongfucha derives it's styling from this centuries old tradition. This series of classes is a hands on workshop where students will develop the skills to properly brew tea in the manner of the ChiuJao masters. Classes are private with no more than three students at once.

Beginners Level: 4 sessions/ 1 hour per session
Students will learn about the fundamental steps as well as the the specific tools and tea wares that are used in this ceremony. Basic techniques will be introduced. Students will also learn proper tea table etiquette for both host and guest. The last session is a review and concludes with a skill test that all students must pass in order to continue to the intermediate level.
$230.00 - course materials will be provided by the tearoom

Intermediate and advanced levels are offered only to those who have mastered the basic skill set and successfully passed the beginner level.

Tea Connoisseur Class with The Mandarin: 90 minute session

A private lesson in tea appreciation with Timothy Hsu, founder of The Mandarin's Tearoom. Learn what separates a tea drinker from a tea collector in this special tasting session. Reach us at to learn more about this class: