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Our Tasting Menu:

Private tea tastings at our NYC Tearoom are now available by appointment. We've worked closely with The Mandarin's Tearoom to develop a series of tasting menus that will appeal to all levels of experience. Each tea menu will showcase tea varietals from both companies.

*There is a maximum of 4 people allowed per session.
Some items are subject to change due to seasonal availability and limited quantities.
*We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or 25% of the total session fee will be charged to your credit card. 

ontact us at or call 917-274-7268.

Receive 10% off any teas or accessories purchased during your tasting session.

Menu Options:

The Introductory Level
is for those just beginning their tea journey. Three menu choices highlight basic tea styles and traditional flavors. Each tea comes from a different category and region so guests can explore the diversity of tastes from a single plant.

 Intro 1
 White Peony
 Iron Boddhisattva Oolong - Lightly Fired
 Intro 2
 Dragonwell WuYi Cliff Oolong - White Rooster Comb
 Black Puer
 Intro 3
 White Puer
 Phoenix Oolong
 WuYi Cliff Oolong
$50.00 per person / 60 min.

The Intermediate Level is for tea lovers who are already familiar with the different types of tea. Each session is devoted to a single family of teas. Develop a deeper understanding of terroir and the traditional processing methods that make each tea family unique.
Menu 1
Green and White Tea
Menu 2
Iron Bodhisattva Oolong from Anxi
Menu 3
Dancong from Phoenix
Menu 4
WuYi Cliff Oolongs
Menu 5
Oolongs from Taiwan
Menu 6
Red Teas of China
Menu 7
Puer Teas from Yunnan
$80.00 per person / 90 min.

Customized Sessions are a chance to try specific teas that have been chosen by the client. Pricing will depend on the requested teas and the time allotted. This is a good way to taste teas that you may have been interested in purchasing. Clients can chooses teas from The Tea Gallery selection.
Please call at 917-274-7268 to customize your tea tasting session.

The Advanced Level is recommended for serious tea students eager to broaden their knowledge and delve deeper into the subtleties of tea grades and prized varietals. This level is also ideal for those in the tea retail business looking to sharpen their knowledge and taste buds. Each two hour, tasting session will focus on a single tea varietal so students can train their senses to detect subtle differences in differing grades of the same tea. Contact us at to learn more about the menu options.
$150.00 per person / 120 min.

For more information on Tearoom etiquette, please go to the Visit the Gallery section.