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The Tea Gallery is dedicated to preserving the culture of Chinese tea. Michael practices the art of Chiu Jao Gong Fu Cha and teaches this style of tea preparation in private courses. Winnie and Dae also conduct tea-tastings and beginner Gong Fu brewing classes. Rather than carry every tea available, the Tea Gallery's picks are a reflection of personal tastes and standards.

A little history...
Michael and his wife, Winnie started their tea shop in 2000 out of the Asian antiques gallery that Michael ran with his father. As part of the Hong Kong culture they grew up in, it was tradition to offer cups of tea to visiting shoppers. Many who came by became curious about the types of tea being served and the couple's brewing techniques. Pretty soon people were asking to purchase Michael's teas and guide them through the world of Chinese tea. Gradually, The Tea Gallery was born out of the couple's passion for tea and their desire to share their personal selections and knowledge with others. The space began to reflect the new business as Michael designed areas for formal tea ceremonies and showcasing his teapot collection.
Dae developed an interest in Chinese tea while growing up in New York. She met Michael and Winnie during her search for a formal teacher and joined the Tea Gallery soon after.
The original shop was closed in 2009 and The Tea Gallery made their selection available online.

The Tea Gallery is now sharing a space with longtime tea friend, Tim and his Mandarin's Tearoom in downtown Manhattan. Learn more about this exciting development on the Visit Us page


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